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Not For Profit

OneIT believes strongly in the values of the Not For Profit sector and works extensively there.

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The Not For Profit sector is being placed under increasing scrutiny to report on processes and results.  Without a computerised solution, this creates an increasing burden of administration and managent that raises costs.

OneIT works extensively with organisations within the Not For Profit industry to create software that meets their reporting needs quickly and easily whilst also streamilining their normal operation.

Companies in these industries tend to use CRMquotingjob managementreporting and website development.  Not For Profits tent to have highly specific requirements, requiring custom software or a database.  However they often entail HRcustom reporting for their stakeholders and website development

What they have in common is that each is looking for a solution that is custom built to their specific needs and has the flexibility to grow with them in the future.

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