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Quoting and Job Management System

Seamless creation, management and tracking of jobs.

Ask Us about a Quoting and Job Management System

Quoting and Job Management System Software for companies large and small

For many businesses, a CRM is simply the first stage in a customised quoting and job management system.

A customised quoting system can automate all the complex rules around quoting and make it a breeze.  This means more quotes faster, which leads to more business and greater profitability with lower stress.

Once a quote is completed, it can be transformed into a job.  Our job management systems allow you to track all the details about a job easily, producing the documentation required with the click of a button.

What Features Can My Quoting System Support?

A customised quoting system can contain almost any feature you can name such as:

  • Scheduling of sales visits and automatic allocation of leads based on territory
  • Complex pricing rules
  • Approvals of discounts over certain thresholds
  • Calculations of commissions
  • Supplier quotes of materials
  • Automatic quote generation
  • And more

What Features Can My Job Management System Support?

Job management systems are highly varied.  The great news is that whatever your requirements are, we build a system to suit:

  • Email correspondence tracking
  • Time and effort tracking, to the point of being a full HR system
  • Photos and inspections
  • Material usage and POs
  • Project / resource scheduling and Gantt charts
  • Powerful reporting and dashboards giving you the insights you need
  • Site visit or install scheduling
  • Maintenance & Production of documents

Our quoting systems can fit whatever your requirements are, so contact us today and make your life easier.

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